Research and Development

Our R & D team consists of 5 well-experienced people, who have been working in related lines for a minimum of five years. They mainly develop different kinds of phone accessories for Iphone/Ipad/Ipod and products for Computer Peripherals. In addition to our OEM and ODM products, the team is able to design and develop the whole of our own range products independently, and is continuing in their quest to improve further still the functioning and appearance of our products.


It is because of our strong R&D ability that we can adapt quickly to changes in taste and functional demands in the market to provide the ideal solutions for those customers who choose to cooperate with us.



OEM/ODM steps

Introduction: We can make OEM products for our customers.

For doing so, we request our customers of the following:

1) The order quantity should be big.

2) If famous brand names/trade marks are required to be printed on the products/cartons,we need an authorisation letter from relevant customer abroad.

3) A deposit as much as 30% is required for such OEM business.

4) Customers should provide us with drawings/samples for which we are to produce.

5) Timing of making new mould(s): About 10 days.

Thank you for your kind attention. We expect to work with you soon.



After Service & Technology Support

Service aim:satisfy customer’s requirement first. 
Service assurance:Abide by national “3R guarantee (guaranteed Repair, Replacement and Refund)” regulation. 
Facile services:we have service station cover the whole country. 
Customer consultation service:Answer the consultation about products and service from customers, accept enquiry of products repairman, solve complaining from customers. 
Customer complaint solution:To solve in 3 days, or have a proposal for the question. 
Service promise: Refer to national regulation (The responsibility regulation of goods repair and return), Law of the PRC on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of Consumers, and other national relevant law and regulations

It doesn’t belong to free guarantee range if your products has below situation
Exceed the term of 3-R certification validity.
* Breakdown and damage by error operation, dropping and collision during transport, and other reason unconcerned with quality.
* Damage by customer unsuitable using, defending and keeping.
* Damage by disassembled by unauthorized repairer.
* Haven’t valid 3-R certification scrip and invoice. (Exclude customer can identify goods still in the term of validity)
* Presume to change the 3-R certification without our authorization.
* Model code print in production is different from 3-R certification.
* Damage by use pirated software.
* Damage by computer virus infected in using.
* No factory name, address, produces date and product conformity certificate. 
* Other damage by irresistible reason.

As for the time being in a foreign country has not set service network, please forgive! For the foreign customer service issue, please consult our after-sales service personnel, we will provide you with satisfactory solutions.

After-sales department:
All the products Provided will be acquired: three-month replaceable new products with the same ones. One-year repair warranty.
Expert technique and sincere service solve the problems in case there are some problems with sold products. Any defective product can be dealt at the first time.